I love to travel!

Traveling to acquire a big experience in the abroad.
In all my life I did some travels to Europe and United States.I was twice in the Englad in 1995 and 1997 and the United States too.In the Englad I knew London in 1995 and 1997 where i knew to many cities wonderful.In London I visited Buckingham Palace,St.Paul's Cathadral,Madame Tussaud's,British Museum,Tower of London,National Museum,History Museum,Roch circus,Trafalgar Square,Tower Bridge,Shakespeare's,Globe Museum,Big Ben,Westminster Abbey, Harrod's,Royal Albert Hall, Covent Garden, Hyde Park,King's Cross, Kensington Palace,Green Park, St. James Park,Victria Station,Regent's Park and I can see the Thames river.
In London I was in the apartment of my boyfriend Dante locality the name Maide Vale.Now unfortunately Dante is just my great friend.
In the on july 1995 I was in Italy and visited to many cities too,how Veneza,Verona,Asolo,Padova,San Marco TV.
In the on july 1997 I was in France together my daughter Gabriela. Us visited Paris the citie of light, Tower Eiffel,Eurodisney Park,Versalles Palace,etc.
Europe to me was unforgettable,leaving big empression in my mind forever.
I' ve just been to London,Paris, Italy and Belgium aeroport for few minute!
But, to complete my big experience was knew the United States.In 2000 on July and when, I was 41 year old I went to the United States specially in the citie the name Danbury and the state Connecticut for twice.In 2002 I was again there, where I lived for 4 year and six month.
This time I lived in Woodbury,Waterbury,Wilton,Leitchfield and finally in Danbury.
These time I had five jobs,how I care the bay where slept horses., I was house clenner,houdekeeper,babysitter,sales assistent for twice in american and brasilian shop.My last job was take care the beauty salon.All these jobs was exciting, I had afraid... and I thought, my God how am I crazy?How scared I felt sometimes!but,I went all the same.
One of the things I remember quite clearly was my arrival in the United States I am alone in he airport Jk in the New York Citie, I did my checkout in the imigration department.All the things to happen with me very good and I went to met my cousin Penha that wait to pick up me.In few minute us traveled for two hours from New york to Danbury by car.When Us arrived cousin house,I took some rest,because I was so tired.I lived with the cousin family for fifteen days.I lived more fifteen days another cousin and other times I take care my oneself and knew another people that I knew and them did help me sometimes of course free and another time I pay for them.Sometimes my life was so hard.I cried,I had afraid, sad,nervous I felt.But every day and night I prayer for my God for help me all the times and him care me.
Fortunatily, before A went to america I lerned some English at the School Fisk in Marabá and learned few English was very good, because I can start to speak a little grammar and could to spoke,understood my boss and any friends American in my last job.
How nice and enjoyable the last job was!I worked very hard for 10 hour.This job to stayed at the big shopping the name in English the Danbury Fair Mall.This place I could see many people wonderful.
On January 2007 I come back to Brazil.Now I kept all the things good that I saw in the United States in my heart forever.
America is so great!
I love America!